Sunday, January 19, 2003

Got the sinks installed in the bathroom vanity today. Kristin was pretty excited to see me get off my ass and actually get some work done on the house.

Progress on Scriptorium continues a pace. I got comment/entity and CDATA tags looking a little better today, and got the selection code up and running. There seem to be an infinite number of ways to approach editing XML. I am basically just trying to implement what *I* think is the most intuitive. I just have to hope that other people are looking for the same thing. In particular, deciding how much free-form editing, versus DTD constraints to allow always gives me pause. With proper selection semantics working (if you select the end-tags for a node, you select the whole node), I should be able to guarantee that users are working with self-contained sub-trees. This is going to come in handy with selection replacements, copy/paste, etc.

The real trick is going to be determining when to check for validity when editing inside a document. For example, cutting out a subtree to replace it will invalidate the document, but the user is obviously GOING to fix it. Current thinking: tags go RED when there is an error in a node (with tooltips, etc. to indicate the prob). Use a background thread to validate the document as changes are made, updating what parts of the document are and are not valid. As users bring the sections into validity, the tags will change from red to their normal color.


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