Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Must resist temptation to add fancy features.... I've got some neat ideas for a commandLine. Primarily, there should be an easier way to navigate around documents. Raskin's THE interface is IMNSHO not really that new. Frankly, it sounds like he is arguing for a move to an emacs or vi interface. Pretty funny actually. Scriptorium is going to have a command-line mode for better navigation, search/find, scripting, etc.

Hmm, stumbled across Charlie Rose. This should be good...well, it was going well until kinsley opened his trap.

Anyway, back to interfaces. Ideally, you should be able to pretty easily move around a document and do everything you would like without ever leaving the keyboard. A keyboard is designed for two hands. Moving one over to a mouse (or down to a trackpad) is just bad news.

On RSS Feeds:
some active debate on whether RSS feeds should be integrated into a browser. Part of the problem is the different ways people use feeds. Some sites have entire messages (like blogs) while others just have abstracts of articles.

RSS (and the crop of tools that have been developed to support it) are really great for blogging. Otherwise, I am just using it to know when a website has been updated, and what the new info might be. It would be nice if Safari could simply use rss to let me know when a website has been updated.

My biggest problem frankly? it takes up a spot on my dock for an application that is only SUPPORTING Safari.


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