Monday, January 20, 2003

seems like I am time-shifting forward. I don't seem to get around to my entry until past midnight, so it is posted as the next day.

I am starting to spot a trend in my development. Today, I started messing around with how the ElementTagCells, simplifying how to create new cell types as Scriptorium progresses. Of course, this means I jacked with the preferences stuff, which I most certainly did NOT want to mess with. instead, here I am at 1am, still not finished with my tag preferences completed. However, I am much happier with the way the new preference pane is going to work. The fact that visible document structure (like tags, content, etc) does not have a one-to-one correspondence with tree nodes causes me a little consternation. I am also still trying to figure out how I want to do comments. Hold on... I think I just had an idea. (). Comments are weird. They are like really big tags.... same goes for CDATA.

Met Jeff and Eric at Scotty's to talk about the poker tourney. E. asked about Hospital work. It would be nice to get a paying gig. I am tired of being on a shoestring. Damn this PhD thing....


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