Saturday, February 01, 2003

Columbia Lost - God speed...

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Must resist temptation to add fancy features.... I've got some neat ideas for a commandLine. Primarily, there should be an easier way to navigate around documents. Raskin's THE interface is IMNSHO not really that new. Frankly, it sounds like he is arguing for a move to an emacs or vi interface. Pretty funny actually. Scriptorium is going to have a command-line mode for better navigation, search/find, scripting, etc.

Hmm, stumbled across Charlie Rose. This should be good...well, it was going well until kinsley opened his trap.

Anyway, back to interfaces. Ideally, you should be able to pretty easily move around a document and do everything you would like without ever leaving the keyboard. A keyboard is designed for two hands. Moving one over to a mouse (or down to a trackpad) is just bad news.

On RSS Feeds:
some active debate on whether RSS feeds should be integrated into a browser. Part of the problem is the different ways people use feeds. Some sites have entire messages (like blogs) while others just have abstracts of articles.

RSS (and the crop of tools that have been developed to support it) are really great for blogging. Otherwise, I am just using it to know when a website has been updated, and what the new info might be. It would be nice if Safari could simply use rss to let me know when a website has been updated.

My biggest problem frankly? it takes up a spot on my dock for an application that is only SUPPORTING Safari.
It turns out the Ars forums have a way of sending you IM or email when a topic you are interested in is updated. At least in theory. I haven't gotten it to work yet :)

175 feels like the limit of an infinite series at this point.

Thinking of a DTD -> ObjectiveC -> XML class generator. What is even cooler, I think you should be able to do this on the fly. I am still working out how to add instance variables to a class. The biggest problem is that I REALLY don't know XML that well. Ohh, I know all the basic tags, etc. etc. but I don't know what is possible: namespaces, includes, schemas, etc. As always, getting something basic working is pretty simple. Making it complete is MUCH harder. I have a feeling that I might be duplicating some of the EOF stuff if I dive into it. Ultimately, this could replace the current Scriptorium XML back-end. However, that is a HUGE side project that I frankly don't have the time for.

Node insertion is looking pretty good. The trick to rapid application development like this is to continually be refactoring how you see things working. I have fiddled with the APIs many times as I try creating something that looks good. I don't get too tied to an implementation, and am willing to pull out large chunks of code if there appears to be a cleaner way of doing things.

Don seemed genuinely impressed with Script. I think he sees the chance to mold the perfect editor.

I have decided to put a calculator in the interface. I am tired of having to pull one up...

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Davit Hyatt (one of the persons behind Safari) has discovered NetNewsWire. What is the biggest advantage of rss? productivity. plain and simple. Instead of going through all 100 or so web sites every 30 minutes to make sure I have fed my addiction for news, I can just glance down at my NetNewsWire icon, right-click, and see what has changed.

Anybody remember the name of that application that was all about push? PointCast she was called. It was going to be the new rage.

I just wish some of the forums I am on were able to use something like rss. I hate having to check to see if there are any messages, especially now that I am actually posting.
man, I keep forgetting to make entries. I guess my life is too boring to keep up with a blog...

179.0 4lbs to go. (sad that I am looking back at my entry for the 21st, and it was 180.0)

Finally got am e-mail from my editor Viki, asking when the book would be done. Looks like April is going to be the month. She seemed okay with it, although I feel pretty damn bad about letting it slip. However, I am really motivated to get Scriptorium to a point that I can use it on a day-to-day basis.

I am thinking a new look at the outline is in order. I have two chapters completely done, and they come out to 100 pages using the default DocBook output. That is a 1/4 of the original booklength goal! I had divided it into ~13 chapters, which would mean the MS will be pushing 700 pages. I need to get a better handle on the organization as well. I was originally going to submit chapters one at a time, but am thinking that it might be best if I get most of the book on disk, and then have the flexibility to move parts around to make the most sense.