Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Still don't get the point with Dashboard. Can't remember to bring the damn thing up. Maybe it is just something to get used to. It is not like I use expose that much either. I guess that is what I get for moving between macs and window boxen during the day. Instead of being good at either, I end up with some LCD of their interface functionality.

I must say that using Windows is just PAINFUL once you have gotten used to a Mac. Are there issues with OS X? Sure - you can find any number of rants about how Apple has thrown out many established UI axioms for the sake of a pretty demo (the Dock for one). Still, these are rants coming from people with a long history of using operating systems with good UI. Coming from Windows, they are all insignificant.

What really blows me away is just how colossally crappy application interfaces are in Windows. I'm not talking about the default Widgets. I'm talking about basic aesthetics of the layout, and what people do with those Widgets. I don't believe that Windows programers don't care about these things. We certanly do.


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