Monday, June 13, 2005

Well, it turns out my source third-hand was on the money, and it survived the rumor chain until it got to me. I think the fact that the secret was just that for as long as it did pretty amazing. On the other hand, the WSJ did break the story a while back. Too bad everyone decided to ignore them. It jsut seemed so absurd.

The forums are still cranking on the news, with some pretty crazy responses for die-hard mac fans. Its not like the PowerPC was even created by Apple. Why all the loyalty? Most Mac-heads wouldn't even be able to tell you what "endian" means. Sheesh.

It has gotten me motivated to get my PowerMac re-integrated into my workflow. I've been punching away at Windows code for so long, I haven't even had the damn thing turned on. Thankfully, the new kernel code makes the platform specific code needed even smaller. It should be pretty easy to get it up and running.


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