Sunday, June 19, 2005

I'm on a number of mailing lists that I use to keep myself up to speed on different technologies. At any point in time, I am probably subscribed to between 5 and 10 lists. The Apple PPC to Intel transition has amplified a problem that has been bugging me lately: Why on God's green earth can these people not take 60 seconds to google their questions or statements of fact?

One poster to the macox-talk list had a list of about 5 technical 'issues' he had with Intel chips. In 5 minutes I had either found solid counter arguments, or completely refuted what he had to say (such as no 64-bit intels, no Intel chips supporting NX flag, big-endian is right, little-endian is wrong)

Just today, they have been talking about file system support, and whether the x86 version of OS X would be able to support HFS+. If they had taken 60 seconds to use that little textbox right in their Safari window, they could have found that the x86 version of Darwin, upon which OS X is based, already supports HFS+. Sheesh.

I make a point now of always providing a hyperlink to the actual data that I have found from Google. I think I am going to start including the actual link to the Google results as well, to reinforce the point.

At least Tim and Eric know to hit Google before asking me anything, thank God.