Saturday, February 18, 2006

Feed Reader Update

Well, progress is being made on the rss aggregator front, which means little to no work on the Lisp front. At this point, the basic infrastructure for downloading feeds periodically and putting them in a context menu in the notification tray works. I even have a snazy animation when processing feeds. It is actually a functional aggregator, as long as you are willing to hack the registry every time you want to add a new feed. Obviously this won't work. I still have to add the ability to easily add/edit/remove feeds. Oh, and parse atom feeds as well. One sticky issue I have run into is HTTP 302 redirects. Jasko was able to break the RSS processing with the first two feeds he gave me. The first because it had an XML comment node where I didn't expect (easy fix) and the other caused a 302 redirect. Blech. That one I am still working on.

Speaking of Jasko, he has been cranking on some very cool Lisp tool stuff that is going to make our lives (and I would imagine a number of other non-old-school Lispers) much better. Speaking of making life easier, SBCL can now create stand-alone executables.

Hopefully I can get back to sb-bsd-sockets hacking on Windows once I get this reader squared away. Things are falling into place.


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