Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Paragent Manage 2.1 Release

We got Paragent Manage 2.1 out the door Monday, new downloader and all. For those not familiar with Paragent, we have been working on a p2p development platform that combines a traditional distributed hash table overlay network with a functional-based scripting language. Originally, we were going to try and market the development platform, but soon realized that was a pipe dream, so we decided to see what kind of application we could make with it ourselves. Our first product is a desktop management application that works without a central server. Most p2p apps we have seen out there have either tried to legitimize file-sharing in some way, or provide an easier-to-use communication medium. We like the idea of using p2p's ad hoc, decentralized nature to help provide business applications that have traditionally been a real PITA to deploy. Download the trial, and tell us what you think, good or bad.


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