Friday, March 03, 2006

on WSAWaitForMultipleObjects

As we found out today, there are only so many objects that you can wait on in this function. That number is 64. If you try to wait on more than that, very bad things happen. In our case, our listener thread blew up. We were trying to handle more than 64 simultaneous non-blocking connection requests that had been accepted. The fix was a simple matter of making the events over 64 wait in a queue until we can handle them. We will check to make sure this behavior still works for us on the cluster before we roll it into the app.

While there was not a lot of visible changes this week, Tim and I actually fixed some persistent bugs (the above, an SQL injection issue that had been causing caching issues, an Installed Software problem, and the whole Updater not rebooting mess) as well as figured out some interesting new things (like extracting license keys from the registry). It actually felt pretty productive.


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