Wednesday, April 05, 2006

yes, again with sockets [192.0]

Looks like rudi was able to get the socket changes into the development cvs tree after an extended outage at SourceForge. What is more, Xof was able to get slime up an running on windows with it. There is always the chance that there is some tweak on your local machine that you made that you will never remember that makes it work for you and no-one else. Getting independent confirmation from a clean checkout of the tree is just confirmation that you aren't just imagining things.

Xof was kind enough to send along a tarball of the latest dev tree, since isn't going to reconnect the anon cvs side until Friday (go figure).

Apple posted a tool for loading XP on their machines. It even got front-page coverage on FoxNews and BBC. I was going to try it on the mini, but am not sure it is worth loosing the disk space for an environment that is two ctrl-presses away with the KVM switch.

Otherwise, no major news.


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