Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lemonodor fame awaits

Jasko has done it - he has achieved Lemonodor Fame for his Cusp plugin for Eclipse! While I use emacs+slime myself, Tim uses Cusp day in and day out, so it is definitely a case of eating your own dogfood with him. There are more good things to come.

A positive side-effect is the boost in traffic we are seeing at Paragent. Chees called me up when he saw the spike in google analytics. The cusp page is the #1 hit on our site. Congratulations!

I put in a rolling fix to the server today.

# svn update properties.lisp
# attachtty /var/run/archon-socket
* (load "/lisp/repos/archon/properties")

And the fix was smoothly inserted into a running server. Man I love Lisp.



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