Thursday, November 02, 2006


I took a couple days off at the beginning of this week to work on the attic. It took most of Monday to get it cleared, and then Tuesday I started the process of piecing it back together. Slowly. All the bad drywall is out, and the new drywall is up, taped and mudded once. I started on the knee wall tonight. I'm just working in sections, bringing up the 2x4s, hammering it together, and rough fitting it in place. Hopefully the weekend will give me a good block of time to get the major construction stuff out of the way. We are still trying to decide how we are going to finish it. It is mostly a question of where the bookshelves are going. We have lots of books.

My chance for getting anything done with the attic may be hindered by a couple servers we ordered that will hopefully come in tomorrow. I need to get the memory and drives installed, put linux on them, and then install Archon. These are going to be an appliance-based version of our hosted desktop management service at for a couple customers that do not have external internet access and need something on site.

Since my home-office had to be swept aside for the sake of progress, I only have the old PowerBook handy for my net-addiction. Even though I can pull the laptop out from under the couch and check my email and browse the web at will, it is just not the same as having a computer that is constantly on and connected to IRC and IM. I know I'm missing out on something...


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