Saturday, December 09, 2006

Time to panic

I was having a string of kernel panics, and was not sure what was causing it. There seemed to be a correlation with using Parallels and World of Warcraft. My initial thought was that perhaps I had a bad stick of memory that was being exposed under high memory loads. I upgraded my mini when I first got it to 2GB of ram. It was a very stressful upgrade, and I was dreading the thought of cracking open the little bugger again if it was in fact the memory. Thankfully, I found the following commands to tell OSX how much memory to use.

sudo nvram boot-args="maxmem=1024"

To set it back, use:

sudo nvram boot-args=""

I also found reference to a panic.log file during my google trolling, so I dug around, and found that it did record the KPs. I grabbed the first line from the last one, put it into google, and came back with the diagnosis that there was a good chance it might be the airport card.

It turns out that a) I just recently started using the airport connection on the mini because I had to move my setup down to a spare bedroom while I work on my home office in the attic where my hard-wired ports are. b) The only reason I was running Parallels was so my son could stream Noggin videos online, which only runs on windows. So the kernel panics were always happening during high network usage.

I guess this is motivation to get the darn attic finished.



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