Saturday, September 23, 2006

Microsoft's Motivations

I thought I would install IE7 today on my home computer to have a look-see at how it would handle our new site. At present, IE6 is managing its normal Cuisinart job on it. In the process of trying to download and install IE7, I was asked no less than three times to verify my Windows XP install with Microsoft Genuine Advantage. All of which passed with flying colors, but for some reason couldn't be remembered.

I get the definite impression that IE7 is just a vehicle for Microsoft to scan for illegal copies of Windows. That is probably what green-lighted the whole project. If some exec at MS hadn't realized they could use the promise of IE7 as the carrot, and Genuine Advantage as the stick, IE7 would probably have ended up as a Vista-only feature. Imagine if every time you tried driving your car you got pulled over because the dealer kept reporting it as possibly stolen. Clicking through pages of Microsoft Genuine Advantage crap is a complete waste of time.

Of course, so is rambling on a blog...